Tenants Rights 101: November Edition

Join our online Tenants Rights 101 workshop: Threats to Tenancy and Eviction on Saturday Nov 27th.

Tenants Rights 101: Threats to Tenancy and Eviction on Saturday November 27th at 2PM

After the successful pilot of our Tenants Rights 101 workshop in October, we've decided to run another session for anyone unable to attend the original.

The online workshop will be held on Saturday November 27th at 2:00PM.

Please RSVP via the EventBrite link below and you'll be emailed a Zoom link to join on the morning of the event.


The presentation will cover common threats to tenancy (renovictions, noise complaints, buyouts), how to tell a real eviction notice from a fake one, and how to fight to keep your home. At the end, we'll open the floor for questions.

We'll also be discussing recent changes to the laws around evictions in BC and New Westminster.

For those who've already attended the workshop, keep an eye out in the near future for our Tenants Rights 102 sequel workshop on maintenance issues.