Do you have questions about your tenancy? Try one of these free resources for renters in BC.

TRAC (The Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre)

TRAC has helpful information for frequently asked tenancy questions such issues around leases, pets, and roommates.

They also have a huge list of template letters for handling anything from giving your landlord notice to move out to requesting necessary repairs to your building or suite.

They also have a free tenant info-line (1-800-665-1185) you can call with additional questions.

Residential Tenancy Branch BC

The Residential Tenancy Branch (or RTB) is the branch of government responsible for regulating and arbitrating tenancy agreements in BC.

They have information online for both landlords and tenants concerning tenancy laws in the province.

It's also where you can file for Dispute Resolution if you're facing an issue with your landlord not complying with the law or your lease. Make sure you've done your research and properly prepared your case before filing.

If you have tenancy questions, they have many options available for contacting them including texting, email, and phone.

Other Resources

Are there resources you know of that are missing from this list? Contact Us and we'll have them added as soon as we can.