Tell your Housing Story

In the past two months we were very fortunate to partner with Douglas College professor Elliot Rossiter and the team from the "Changing the Conversation" Project.   It was a real pleasure to work with Elliot, facilitator/musician Khari McClelland and the rest of the team who helped pull off two "Renter's Circle" discussions where tenants with experience of bad faith evictions, harassment and housing insecurity were able to share a bit of their experiences and the barriers and possibilities for achieving stable housing for everyone.  

We look forward to working with them in the near future as the project starts to engage the community through storytelling, art and putting forward policy ideas brought out in the "Renter's Circles" that they have conducted in multiple community organizations here in New West.  

Whether you attended or not, if you have a personal story about brushes with eviction or housing insecurity please consider doing an interview with the "Changing the Conversation" team.  

"The Changing the Conversation project at Douglas College aims to better understand the perspectives of those who have experienced challenges related to housing insecurity, including renters, and how these perspectives can be better included in community conversations about housing. The purpose of the interviews is to learn from these perspectives to help support storytelling and advocacy related to housing justice aimed at policymakers and the wider community. Further information about confidentiality, compensation, and other details of the interview and research project can be found in the attached informed consent form. Please feel free to direct any questions about the research to Dr Elliot Rossiter, Regular Faculty, Dept of Philosophy, Douglas College (