Public Meeting Tuesday Nov 14: Mutual Aid and Education

Public Meeting Tuesday Nov 14: Mutual Aid and Education

Hello everyone,

The next public meeting of the New Westminster Tenants Union will be next week Tuesday November 14th at 6:30pm in the basement of the New West Public Library.

This month we'll be seeking input on education and mutual aid. Between all of you and other renters we've connected with across the city, there's an incredible about of knowledge and skills around. We want to explore how we can leverage those to build education, power, resilience, and community so renters can protect not just themselves but each other. When the law, government, and other agencies aren't enough, how can build something ourselves to fill the gaps?

The outcome of these activities and discussions will inform our activity going forward into the new year.

Also, this is our second last public meeting of the year. Our final one is on December 5th and we'll be looking to do something more fun and community oriented as an end of year event then so stay tuned.

Looking forward to seeing you all. Stay safe out there.