Public Meeting - Transit-Oriented Development

A SkyTrain heading towards Waterfront is seen pulling into Stadium-Chinatown station.
Photo by Albert Stoynov / Unsplash

At our public meeting next Tuesday, we'll be discussing the provincial government's recent transit-oriented development legislation, Bill 47.

What does that mean for you? If you're renting in New Westminster within 800m of a SkyTrain (which includes a significant portion of New West, including all of Downtown and most of Sapperton), your building could be at risk of being redeveloped, displacing the existing tenants.

A map shows New Westminster, southeast Burnaby, northwest Surrey and a sliver of southwest Coquitlam. On the map are red circles, with smaller yellow and green circles inside of them at each transit station. The red circles cover a large area of New Westminster, especially around Sapperton, Downtown and the West End/Connaught Heights.
Red circles are 800m from SkyTrain stations, yellow circles are 400m and green circles are 200m. New legislation allows development of up to 20 storeys in the green circles, up to 12 storeys in the yellow circles and up to eight storeys in the red circles.

Reporter Dustin Godfrey and Douglas College Professor Elliot Rossiter will be delivering a presentation at our next public meeting on Tuesday February 27th at 6:30pm in the basement of the New West Public Library. They'll take questions about the policy, the impacts, and the city's displacement policy.

Afterwards, we'll have a group discussion about what policies would best protect tenants during redevelopment, and how the tenants union can become more involved in the affected areas through outreach and organizing.

See you there!