New West Tenants Union And Rent Strike Bargain

Hello New West Renters,

On February 28th,  New West Tenants Union member David Hendry joined labor and tenant organizers from British Columbia, Alberta and Chicago, Illinois in an online panel. Hosted by the Rent Strike Bargain Campaign, this panel was formed to discuss how tenant and labor unions can work together and included Executive Vice-President Kari Michaels from the BC Government Employees Union (BCGEU) representing over 80,000 employees across the province.

We are happy to share a link to that video with you below.

There is an unprecedented wave of organizing happening across North America. Front line workers facing increased risk of COVID are fighting for protections, sick pay and a living wage.  Loss of income during the pandemic has fuelled an eviction crisis across Canada and the United States and tenants are fighting back!  We have much to learn from the ways tenants and workers all across North America are organizing to take back power in their homes and in their workplaces.

Please check out the Rent Strike Bargain campaign below and fill out their survey.

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New West Tenants Union

"The Rent Strike Bargain Campaign is a grassroots, province-wide effort, made up of renters, workers, and tenant & labour organizers across BC. The campaign has quickly been gaining endorsements from labour & renter unions across the province, and aims to win collective bargaining rights for renters in BC.

This would mean giving tenants the ability to:

  1. Force landlords to negotiate down rents & annual rent increases;
  2. Make it harder for abusive landlords to evict their tenants;
  3. Build strong, local tenant unions across BC with the right; and
  4. Rent strike without fear of eviction.

RSB plans to win these rights by building stronger solidarity between the labour union movement & the renter's movement in BC. To do so, they're getting in touch with renters & workers to get them involved in the fights.

Can you take 2 minutes to fill out this survey to help the campaign for collective bargaining rights connect with union workers who rent & their allies?

Workers Who Rent - Union Survey
Rent Strike Bargain is a campaign to win collective bargaining rights for renters in BC. To accomplish this we are hoping to build solidarity between labour & tenants movements across the province, organizing union works who rent to build power. That all starts with you! This survey helps us get a s…

The campaign is growing quickly and wants to get you involved! You can read more about them at RSB's website,, or by reaching out to them at"

"Please note: Rent Strike Bargain (RSB) is a grassroots, independent campaign that is seeking endorsements from labour and tenant organizations. The information that you share in this survey will be used by the campaign team alone and your personal information will not be used by any other organization. In order to ensure that your data remains secure at all times, all private information collected will be held in trust by the Vancouver Tenants Union. This agreement was drawn up to ensure our grassroots activism could continue unimpeded, while all vital information would remain protected under the law by an organization with official society status."