Monthly Meeting Wed June 28th (Correction)

Apologies for the Typo:  Wed June 28th not 30th!

Hello everyone,

This year we have committed to hosting monthly public meetings to gather tenants in New West and create a vision for how we can fight for security and dignity in housing in our community.   Now it is June and we are ready to start putting these ideas into action, and we need your help.

Come join us at our next public meeting:

Wednesday June 28th at 6:30 to 7:45pm

New West Public Library - Auditorium (716 6th Ave).

Our agenda will be:

- Recapping our learnings from the past few months and sharing with you our vision of how to use these monthly meetings in the future.  We envision these meetings as a place for planning and carrying out campaigns and supporting each other in local building fights.

- Brook will share what he has learned about getting the right to use Air Conditioning with the threat of heat domes and increasing climate change.

- We will discuss the type of building campaigns we envision where tenants plan a strategic and escalating campaign to win what they need.

See you there!

For more information contact: