1st Meeting Report Back

We had a great first public meeting on Tues Jan 31st! Thanks to everyone who came out to share what they liked about living in New West, why they are committed to staying and what are the housing issues they are facing.  After a great introduction to tenant unions and a slideshow from Brook, we split up into small groups so that everyone had an opportunity to talk.  Many people spoke from experience about their own struggles with poor or non-existent maintenance, bad faith eviction attempts and being treated as tenants without respect.  

A lesson that keeps on coming up, is that half the job of a tenant organizer is just getting people experiencing the same things to start talking to one another! Hopefully we can create more opportunities for neighbours to meet and start talking. Are you one of those dealing with a stressful housing situation on your own? Take the next step and join us next time on Wed March 1st at 6:30pm at the New West Public Library.

Here are a few flipcharts from our small group discussions.